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Our job is to help you succeed on your terms by providing the financial and management tools your business needs. Whether you're in a service industry, retail or manufacturing, running a small business is a constant challenge. ERD Power Group Business Consulting can make it easier.

At PG, we understand that solutions have no value unless they fit your needs and circumstances. If you canít implement them and see the benefits, then they really arenít solutions at all. So we donít just come in and tell you what to do. We ask questions. We listen. We learn. And then we develop practical and creative
strategies that provide real solutions to your business needs. For some companies that can be as simple as routine bookkeeping or accounting. Others need help with management issues like strategic planning, organizational design or business valuation. But all our clients understand the same thing:
"Metrics without context are meaningless." Metrics†reports and recommendations, but we donít just give you data. We provide information about the things that are important to the success of your business. We emphasize clear communication because when you understand the information we present, youíll have the facts you need to make the best decisions for your company. Every small business owner knows you have to constantly be looking at the options†and make the best of them, you must be practical, focused and determined but you can also be innovative and smart. You can choose to be open to the possibilities that exist. And you can succeed on your own terms.